Polypropylene (PP) belongs to the Polypropylene is a thermoplastic from the polyolefin group. PP is a semi-rigid, translucent polymer with good toughness and weather resistance properties. It has low water absorption and is easily moulded as low cost. PP – Homopolymer (PP-H) is produced by a continuous chain of polypropylene units which results in a high stiffness material. Mostly popular in grey colors only.

PP-H PIPE – LENGTH 5M DIN8077/8078
Normal Pipe Size PN10 – Thickness PN6 – Thickness PN2.5 – Thickness
d20 2.5mm
d25 2.7mm
d32 3.0mm
d40 3.7mm
d50 4.6mm
d63 5.8mm 3.6mm
d75 6.9mm 4.3mm
d90 8.2mm 5.1mm 2.2mm
d110 10.0mm 6.3mm 2.7mm
d125 11.4mm 7.1mm 3.1mm
d140 12.8mm 8.0mm 3.5mm
d160 14.6mm 9.1mm 3.9mm
d180 16.4mm 10.2mm 4.4mm
d200 18.2mm 11.4mm 4.9mm
d225 12.8mm 5.5mm
d250 14.2mm 6.1mm
d280 15.9mm 6.9mm
d315 17.9mm 7.7mm
d355 8.7mm
d400 9.8mm